Dear friend,

It's nice to hear from you after all this time. I was beginning to wonder whether you're still around... It's true, I was also hesitant to give you some news, but, hey, let's jump in the game again.

We had a nice time recording a new bela album, it's called ghostwriting and, if you're in the mood, you can either download it for free or give away some of your little monies to help us perpetuating our craft and acquire a splendid object. We now have our own undermarket where you'll also find our previous EPs, Rev. C.D.1 and Rev. C.D.2. As you can see, we were trying to have a little fun during your absence. They said we have a brilliant future by the way. I kind of doubt so but who knows?

I hope all is well for you, please mind the gap on your way out, shine on.


ps: you can reach us at bela(at) anytime.